Italtrade  manages the entire process required when exporting goods. From the first negotiations with the importer through the entire process of  commercial taxations, required documentation, fees for cargo and transport arrangements  to the final destination .



We prepare all commercial tax processing paperwork required for the importation of products including customs documentation, inspections during unloading and delivery to the final destination.



We have custom agent partners whos are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the reported declaratation of the exported or imported goods. They review the submission ensuring that the  documents meet the requirements to execute the import / export transportation.


  • Professionals with over 20 years experience in Foreign Trade.
  • Formed by a multidisciplinary team of competent professionals who specialize in different areas of foreign trade.
  • Our services include remcomedinding national and international markets best suited for your products distribution.
  • With our partners we are always current and updated with the business market to advise and guide our clients though the ongoing ecomomic changes. Armed with this knowledge we can help you establish business strategies, anticipate your needs and offer customized solutions for your business needs.
  • We have representatives established in Brasil, China and Canada to assist suppliers and customers throughout Asia and the Americas.